Plein Air Spring Painting in Minnesota

Forepaugh’s Restaurant - Landscape Study Painting by Sharon Diederichs Stadther Fine Art

Plein Air Spring Painting in Minnesota

Spring is a beautiful time to be an outdoor oil painter in Minnesota. The snow has melted, the air is fresh, and the landscape is filled with new growth and vibrant colors. Here are some tips and ideas to inspire your plein air painting in Minnesota this spring.

Location Ideas

  1. State Parks: Minnesota has many state parks with beautiful natural scenery, including forests, waterfalls, and lakes. Some popular state parks for plein air painting include Gooseberry Falls State Park, Itasca State Park, and Jay Cooke State Park.
  2. Local Gardens: Botanical gardens and arboretums are great places to find a wide variety of blooming flowers and plants. Some of the best options in Minnesota include the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, and the Duluth Rose Garden.
  3. The Mississippi River: The Mississippi River is a great location for plein air painting in Minnesota, with a variety of landscapes to choose from, including river bluffs, islands, and scenic river towns.

Subject Ideas

  1. Wildlife: Spring is a great time to observe and paint wildlife in Minnesota. Look for birds, like the American Goldfinch or the Baltimore Oriole, or larger animals like deer, moose, or bears.
  2. Flowers: Minnesota in the spring is filled with blooming flowers, including tulips, daffodils, and lilacs. These colorful blooms can make for beautiful and vibrant paintings.
  3. Landscapes: With the arrival of spring, the Minnesota landscape comes alive with vibrant greens and pops of colorful wildflowers. Look for picturesque views, such as rolling hills, scenic vistas, or waterfalls, to capture in your painting.

Tips for Outdoor Oil Painters

  1. Dress for the weather: In Minnesota, spring can bring a variety of weather conditions, including rain, wind, and even snow. Be prepared for any type of weather by dressing in layers and bringing rain gear.
  2. Be mindful of bugs: Mosquitoes and other insects can be a nuisance when painting outdoors in Minnesota. Consider wearing long sleeves and pants, and bring insect repellent to ward off bugs.
  3. Bring the right supplies: Be sure to bring everything you need, including paints, brushes, canvas, and any additional items you might need for your specific location, such as an easel, umbrella, or stool.
  4. Start early: The early morning light in Minnesota can be magical, especially in the spring when the light is softer and the colors more vibrant. Be sure to start early to take advantage of this beautiful light.

By following these tips and ideas, outdoor oil painters in Minnesota can make the most of their time and produce beautiful works of art inspired by the beauty of the spring landscape. So get out there and start painting!

Featured Painting: Forepaugh’s Restaurant, Landscape Study